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Silicon Wizardry was formed in late 2003 primarily with the sole aim of concentrating on creating games for simple mobile devices and getting back to the core gameplay that made the early days of the games industry such a groundbreaking time, but has since branched out into more mainstream areas of I.T. and programming

The founder of the company, Francis Lillie, has worked in the games industry since 1990, bit in June 2003 the decision was made to take a break from the games industry, and move onto other areas of programming, such as database applications and simple Java and .NET applications, linked to web based databases.

The knowledge gained in his full-time employment outside the game industry has been in great demand outside his paid work, as has the programming skill he gained while writing games. This prompted Francis to form Silicon Wizardry to try and share the knowledge he has amassed.

Silicon Wizardry is rare in the world of I.T. in that it tries to empower users so that they may not actually need to use our services in the future. Full and frank explanations of work carried out are provided so that most simple tasks undertaken can in future be carried out by the client. This strikes many people as a strange way of doing business, but is has been an approcah that has paid dividends in term of client retention, as clients feel they can totally trust Silicon Wizardry to look after them.

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